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Welcome to

Valley Fab and Repair, Inc.

Est. August 2009

"Specializing In Truck & Trailer Modifications"



Being located in an agricultural community, we never know what's going to "walk through our door."  We offer a variety of sales and services to companies and our local community.  Stop in or give us a call for a free quote on all jobs.



Here are some of the services we provide:

Frame Stretching/Shortening: We use ASTM A656 Grade 80 frame rails up to 36’ in length. This specification covers high strength, low alloy, & hot-rolled structural steel plates to use in truck frames, crane booms, rail cars, and similar applications. We work with our customers to stretch/shorten truck frames to their specific needs. We offer basic stretch jobs, as well as installation and sales of aluminum and steel boxes, hoists, tag and pusher axles.

Wet-Kit: We install wet-kit systems to customers’ truck specs, as well as sales of relevant parts. Some of the various lines of relevant products we offer are as follows: Metaris pumps and PTO’s, Muncie power products, Parker hydraulic hose and fittings.

Nordstrong Dealer: Trunion style head-lift cylinder for 18’-24’ truck boxes. Cylinder saddle kits and box tail hinges also available. Very competitive pricing, please call us for a quote.

Welding: As a welding shop, we offer a variety of welding services; aluminum, steel, stainless, & TIG. We assist our customers in welding jobs that range from basic household repairs to large-scaled jobs and custom work. We also carry a large variety of welding supplies for re-sale and can exchange your tanks here.

Sales: Since our customer base is so diverse, we carry multiple types of metal (steel & aluminum) in inventory. If we need to order in customized pieces of metal, we are able to do so within a reasonable amount of time, so project deadline stay on schedule. We also carry multiple sizes of U-Bolt material and have a bending machine and punch on-site. We are now able to sell end dumps, hopper bottoms, and gravel belly dumps.

Machining: We have a small machine shop that is capable of creating a variety of parts and shafts to suit our customers’ needs.

Day-Cab Conversions: We are now able to remove sleepers and install day cab kits on all makes/models of trucks.

Roll-Tarp Systems & Installation: We now offer a wide variety of tarps for just about any farm truck, semi trailer and grain carts.

Hitches, Trailer Parts, & Truck Accessories: We install 5th wheel hitches, trailer and bumper receivers. We also carry license plate light kits, adhesive reflectors, brake controls, & wire harnessing kits.

Driveline Repair: We build new drivelines to customers’ specifications, as well as repair damaged drivelines on site. We also keep on hand multiple parts for the various types of drivelines, such as SPL250, SPL170, 1810, 1760, & 1610. We also build and repair all PTO shafts.